Customer Commitments

The information age is here and in full swing. Thanks to the internet, we a vast amount of travel information at our finger tips. The trouble is, we don’t always have the tools to know how to interpret it, understand what resources to trust or the time it takes to search the web.

Your UNIGLOBE travel agent can help. With access to the latest tools and technology we can assist you to tailor the best vacation for you and your loved ones within your budget. For most, navigating the maze of travel options online and trying to decipher prices, routes and rules can be difficult. If not understood properly, they can lead to massive disappointment and extreme frustration. Why overload yourself when there are experts ready and able to perform this task for you.

Being There for you, the customer

Not only can our travel agent’s expertise find you good value for your next business trip we are also a valuable back-up in case something goes wrong. What happens if you miss your flight or have a last minute change of plans? As an individual in a bad situation, you have less control and access to options. Booking through a UNIGLOBE travel consultant will allow you to benefit from services such as our 24-hour emergency line. From trip planning to destination, your travel consultant is a reliable resource to turn to for travel solutions that meet your company’s distinct needs.

Keeping you in the know, wherever you go!

Traveling to new or foreign destination can be a stress for travelers, but your company has ‘duty of care’ responsibilities to. Through UNIGLOBE your travellers can be provided with travel alerts and updates to their smartphones to keep them informed about local situation as they travel. And, travel administrators can have access to real time reports showing traveller locations worldwide.

Travel advice you can write home about!

Does your business have travelers that need some tips on how to be ready for flight delays or advice on securely traveling with their lap tops? Our professional staff to provide can provide that information and more to help make the business travel experience more comfortable for your staff. Contact Us.

Information at your fingertips!

We have partnered with a top travel destination publication to offer you information about popular destinations around the world directly on our website. Research your trip before calling us or get more information on a new destination you will be traveling to. Each destination page has details on local events, activities, points of interest, weather, currency, geography, airports and more!