Why Use a Travel Consultant?

Corporate travel is often the third largest expense a business faces. Our commitment to being responsive and flexible, while providing cutting-edge tools and personal service, is focused on satisfying your traveller’s and administrator’s needs. At UNIGLOBE we work with you and your team to develop travel polices that match your budget and needs while effectively reducing unnecessary or wasteful travel spend.

We will work with you to customize a travel program that ensures you are getting the most convenient and cost-effective travel itineraries possible with minimal impact on your travellers. All the while keeping in mind your business needs and giving your company the control it requires. We can handle every detail each step of the way, wherever you are in the world.

Being There for you, the customer

Not only can our travel agent’s expertise find you good value for your next business trip we are also a valuable back-up in case something goes wrong. What happens if you miss your flight or have a last minute change of plans? As an individual in a bad situation, you have less control and access to options. Booking through a UNIGLOBE travel consultant will allow you to benefit from services such as our 24-hour emergency line. From trip planning to destination, your travel consultant is a reliable resource to turn to for travel solutions that meet your company’s distinct needs.

Keeping you in the know, wherever you go!

Traveling to new or foreign destination can be a stress for travelers, but your company has ‘duty of care’ responsibilities to. Through UNIGLOBE your travellers can be provided with travel alerts and updates to their smartphones to keep them informed about local situation as they travel. And, travel administrators can have access to real time reports showing traveller locations worldwide.

Travel advice you can write home about!

Does your business have travelers that need some tips on how to be ready for flight delays or advice on securely traveling with their lap tops? Our professional staff to provide can provide that information and more to help make the business travel experience more comfortable for your staff. Contact Us.